Lighting News & Updates

Latest Lighting News

During the fall quarter of 2010-11 lighting upgrades will be completed along the walkways in parking lot 26 and in parking lot 6.  The existing lighting in these areas will be replaced with new induction lighting.  These new light fixtures will provide more lumens while using less than half of the power the current lights use.

During the 2009-10 academic year, TAPS facilities staff installed new light bulbs in all of the parking lots on campus as part of our new group relamping process.  Parking lots lights will now be changed when they reach 80% of their expected life.  This ensures that lighting outages are minimized and bulbs are replaced before they lose light lumens during the end of their life cycle.  As a result of this work, individual lamp outages have dropped from an average of 40 per month to 2.

In late August 2009, work was completed on a parking lot lighting improvement project. UCR Facilities worked with an outside contractor to upgrade lighting in Parking Lots 1, 2, 11 and 15. The new lighting has provided two very important benefits to UCR. These upgrades have more than doubled the amount of light reaching the parking lot surface. This increase in lighting will improve nighttime visibility in the parking lots. This improvement project also replaced older lighting fixtures that allowed light to shine up into the sky. The new fixtures direct all of the light towards the ground and prevent light pollution.  The success of this project has led to the planning of another round of lighting improvements in additional lots. New locations are currently being reviewed for possible improvements. Any lighting improvements suggestions, submitted through the Recommendations page, will be reviewed for inclusion in a future lighting improvement project.